"Luis D. Rosado has proven himself to be a leader in the art community brewing in the Port Morris section of the Bronx."

-Boogie Downer, A salute to the Puerto Rican Parade, May 2011

 "The Price is Life" at the LDR Studio Gallery in Port Morris and I have to say that it is one of the most intense works of art that I have seen so far this year in the Bronx."

-Welcome2Melrose, The Price is Life, May 2010

"The 25 tour participants barely squeezed into the gallery, as a large printer churned out copies of photographs, and participating artists weaved through the crowd."

-Mott Haven Herald, Mott Haven art tour attracts the curious, January 2010

"Rosado proves that art is a fixture of everyday life, not just of traditional isolated gallery displays."

-Inside New York, June 2009

"Rosado is emblematic of the diverse artistic community of the South Bronx that seeks independence from the restraints of large, corporate galleries..."

-Breaking the Art Rules, The Bronx Ink, December 2009